Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnels

We offer a full line of Shrink Tunnels that provide flexible and specialized packaging equipment solutions. All of our shrink tunnels are mobile and designed to work seamlessly with our line of Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper,  Automatic L-SealersSide Sealers, High speed flow wrappers, achieving a unrivaled shrink and superior automation schedule.


Various size and make shrink tunnels are made available in stock. Besides normal conventional Shrink Tunnels, we have Shrink Tunnels utilizing a "soft convection" shrink process in an efficiently designed chamber that uniformly bathes the film bubble with hot air. 
Dog ears, wrinkles, conveyor marking and burn-outs are history thanks to our consistent and gentle shrink environment.

Bigger size / Double Chamber Shrink Tunnels are available on request. 

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 Technical Data Value Model Tun-50 Model Tun-50 Twin Model Tun-70 Model 852
 Power Supply  V  220/380/415 220/318/415 220/380/415 220V/1 Phase
 Power Max. kW 7 14 14 7
Max Prod. Dimen. mm L 940 x W 380 x
H 220
L 940 x W 380 x
H 220
L 1400 x W 500 x
H 350
48"L X 28" L x 10" H
Machine Dimen. mm L 1285 x W 800 X H 1470 L 1725 x W 800 x H 1535 L 1820 x W 1200 x H 1640  
Tunnel Inlet mm W 450 x H 240 W 450 mm x H 240 W 690 mm x H 390  
Weight Kg 188/228 260/318 415/483 170
Conveyor Speed Max. fpm 12 Mtr / Min 24 Mtr / Min. 12 Mtr / Min. 70 Fpm