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Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

Tommy Nielsen has a program with various types of full automatic blister pack machines. The machines are designed so they can be adapted and equipped specifically so as to meet wishes and requirements of different tasks.

When designing custom machines units and stations from standard machines are often used.


The blisters are formed from roll stock material. The blisters are placed in pallets. Lidding material is pre-cut to size.

Uniline 400
Sealing Plate 200×400 mm

Uniline 600
Sealing Plate 200×600 mm

Other sizes on request


Blisters and lidding material are formed and sealed from roll stock material. The formed and sealed packages are punched free of excess material.

Pharmaline 220
Sealing area: W220 x L150 mm
Sealing area: W220 x L300 mm

Other sizes on request

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