Blister / Skin Packaging Machines

Blister / Skin Packaging Machines

Universal machines

The Universal blister packing machine is the ideal answer for packing small to medium size production series. Unique concept of this machine is that it is BOTH FORMING AND SEALING.

The Universal machine will give you an economical way of packing your valuable product at your own facility. From now on you can be independent of thermo-forming or contract packing companies. Quite often the Universal system is as fast forming and sealing the blisters in comparison to sealing only preformed blisters on an ordinary sealing system.

All our machinery is made out of the best material and built by the smartest Danish design. The Universal machine for example does not have pumps or motors and is virtually maintenance free. The yearly maintenance can be done by the operator or your own technician.

Retail section

Blisters are quite often the preferred packaging method. You are able to display your product plus you can add precisely the right text and lay out on the cardboard. At the same time the product is well protected.

The Universal Blister packing system is the flexible answer to blister packing questions. With the same machine you are able to pack a very wide range of products. Many non- food articles you see in a retail shop can be packed efficiently on our machinery.

The machine operates with an identical pair of mould. Quit often it is possible to use the same mould for more than one product. This can be done by putting an inlay into the mould. With the inlay the form and size of the blister is altered.

With the Universal system one operator can make up to 700 blisters per hour, or one million blisters per year based on an hour shift.

The Universal option is giving you both economical and logistical advantages:

Blisters are formed from PLANE PLASTIC SHEETS, which are costing less than pre-formed blisters.

TOOLING is inexpensive, by using inlays the mould has more than one size or shape.

Only ONE PERSON is forming the blister, inserting the product and sealing the blister. All this is done in an area less than 2 square meters.

NO bulky stock of blisters in your warehouse. The blisters are made at the moment they are required.

NO problems ordering blisters from a thermoforming company.

NO flow of unfinished products through your plant.

On our standard machine you are able to pack a blister with the maximum dimensions of 300 x 500 mm and 120 mm deep.

We do make custom build machines, as an example 1,5 meter long shower curtain rods are blister packed on our machinery.

Pharma & Medical section

The Universal system is widely used for pharmaceutical and medical products. The machine is suitable for clinical trials and small to medium range production. Validation is an important step in the packaging process. The Universal machines are equipped with a PLC and a digital temperature control. Forming and sealing parameters are displayed and processed digitally.

Both temperature and forming and sealing time can be secured by a pin code.

The Universal machine can be equipped with a second retractable heating plate. Now forming and sealing can be done continuously at different temperatures.

Batch coding is possible by using an embossing system.

Normally the blistering is a one man operation. With small items as tablets and capsules it can be advantages to first form a batch of blisters, have them filled by a second person and seal thereafter the blisters in the machine.

In combination with a Roller Cutter up to 5000 blisters per 8 hour shift can be produced.. The Roller Cutter is also used for perforating small multi-packs. Medical grade blister trays bought from a thermo forming company are often contaminated. The inspection of these trays is a costly affair. With the Universal machine you are actually forming the blister in your clean room, inserting the product in to the tray and directly sealing the blister. In other words NO CONTAMINATION. It is also possible to both make an inner and outer blister pack in the same cycle.