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Dylog X-Ray System – DYmond S-DSV-D-M

With the models DYmond S, D and M, Dylog has manufactured a machine with side point of view that combines all the benefits of belt machines in terms of simple use, quick installation, a low cost and inexpensive maintenance.
The machine can be installed on a simple straight belt that already exists, and alignment of the X-ray source and detector requires just a few simple operations, thanks to the innovative numbered notch system.

Area that may be inspected : 180mm (width) x 275mm (height)

Products that may be inspected :

Dylog Hi Tech has created a new range of innovative products, combining twenty years of experience in X-ray food inspection with the know-how of aerospace design experts. The new DYMOND range of belt machines features an innovative design, state-of-the-art mechanics and high-level, user-friendly software, plus the machines are sturdy and very simple to use.

Featuring cutting-edge technologies, the new DYMOND range excels at detecting contaminants and at verifying the conformity of inspected products.

Total compliance with hygiene/sanitary requirements of the food industry and very simple maintenance mean the machine can be used for long periods without the need for any operations by specialist technicians.

The modular hardware and extensive range of functions available via the software interface make the new DYMOND series of machines perfect for all customer requirements.

After-sales service for DYMOND machines is overseen by an international organization, and customers can contact Dylog specialist technicians via a remote assistance service, easily accessible directly from the machine’s software interface.

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