Forming Head Shrink Wrappers

Polypack’s FH series machines are intermittent motion total closure shrink wrappers that use a forming head to multipack a variety of products. The shrink bundles are sealed on both sides and shrunk for increased product protection. Total Closure multipacks are much more resistant to mishandling and warehouse conditions, and they present a nice, continous surface for retail packaging applications.

POLYPACK’S FH SERIES machines are designed to provide complete enclosure of bundles with polyethylene, polyolefin or PVC films. These machines can also be designed to handle print-registered film for retail packaging.


  • Heavy Gauge, Stainless Steel Main Frame
  • Forming Plow Uses a Single Roll of Film and Produces Zero Film Waste
  • Run Clear, Random Printed or Print-Registered Film
  • Self-Leveling, Teflon® Coated Hot Knife Sealbar Assembly
  • Engineered as an Single Unit with Integrated Double Insulated Tunnel to Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Polycarbonate Enclosures Ensure Safety and Easy Access to Machine Components
  • Quick Changeovers
  • PLC Touchscreen Interface