Foam Chemicals & Films

Foam Chemicals & Films

Fast, easy and versatile, the Instapak foam packaging process allows on-line production of protective polyurethane foam packages. Whether your requirement is precision cushioning, high speed voi fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, there is an Instapak system to meet your needs.

Instapak foam packaging : A simple, cost-effective packaging process.

Instapak foam packaging protects your products

Insttapak high performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shipping, warehousing and eneral handling. Its unique cushioning abilities allow you to package your product with a minimum of material, reducing solid waste at the source.


Instapak foam packaging saves your money

One of the most economical packaging materials available, Instapak foam can cut your material costs dramatically without compromising product protection.

Instapak foam packaging saves valuable warehouse space

Because Instapak foam expands upto 280 times its liquid volume, the equivalent of a truck load of packaging material can be stores in two 210 Litre drums. And perhaps as important, Instapak foam only expends when, where and as you need it.

Instapak foam packaging speeds up packaging

With the Instapak foam packaging process, your products are simultatneously boxed and protected. In fact, most products can be packed in under two minutes.

Instapak foam packaging makes packaging easy

With the Versatile Instapak system, you can economically and efficiently protect products of almost any size, shape and weight.

Instapak foam packaging means proven customer satisfaction

With Instapak foam packaging, your customer receives a damage free product in a neat, professional package. The foam can then be reused as packaging or returned to any of the 25 international Instapak foam return locations