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Mespack H-Series Horizontal Form-Fill Seal Machine

The H Series is remarkable for its modularity, flexibility and is capable of producing various shapes and types of packaging

The H Series is composed of 18 different HFFS machines with multiple versions, which enables the Mespack team to offer the most suitable models to our customers. The majority of our machines are made of modular construction and have common parts, excluding the main frame, which facilitates the storage of spare parts. The main frame can be supplied with all types of fillers and accessories. The machines of this new generation are of robust construction, user friendly, and proven to be straightforward to operate and maintain. The H-Series is remarkable for its flexibility and the possibility of producing different shapes and pack presentations: flat or stand up pouches, cap fitments for easy product pouring, straw attachments for soft drinks, reclosable zipper systems, among others. A vast number of different fillers are available, such as augers and volumetric fillers, pumps, weighers, as well as other customized dosing systems. Product protection is also a priority, we have several solutions for gas flushing to minimize the residual oxygen contents in the pack, and C.I.P. or S.I.P. cleaning systems.

Sealing Stations

Our experience in flexible packaging has allowed us to offer a quick changeover system of sealers, which reduces the adjustment time. Furthermore, our sealing groups are able to work with various materials, thus obtaining optimum quality with minimum energy consumption.

Filling Stations

To maximize production in small spaces, the H-series offers the possibility of adding several filling stations. Consequently, the production speed can be increased.

Shaped Pouches

The various Mespack die-cuts solutions, such as die cut, tear notch, eurohole, hole punch, double scissors, laser cut, round edges, among others, offer a wide possibility to personalize and make a variety of pouch designs.

Packaging formats :

Main standard features

– 18.5” color touch screen
– Independent unwind system with autosplice features (optional)
– Automatic adjustment control of seal jaws position (optional)
– Automatic hole punch correction system for stand up pouches
– Servo driven change over system for plough formation
– 3 to 5 different filling stations
– Cam driven walking beam (for big formats)
– Static pouch stretching prior to sealing
– Pouch reject station
– PLC automatic lubrication system
– Roller servo driven stroke indexing system
– Ultra-clean versions (optional)
– Laser coders and scorers (optional)
– ATEX compliance (optional)
– Film sterilization system (optional)
– Laminar flow (optional)
– MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
– Ultrasonic sealing (optional)

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

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