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Mespack HSC-Series Horizontal Form-Fill Seal Machine

The HSC Series operates with every type of pre-made pouch and offers the freedom to use all pouches available to customers

The HSC-Series is compatible with all types of pre-made pouches, and offers the freedom to use any pouch which is available to the customer. Furthermore, it is able to use the dosage of liquids, solids, granules and powder. The HSC-Series is composed of a three lane pouch feeding conveyor, a pick, and an area to transfer pre-made pouches to both a walking beam system as well as the main module where they will be opened, filled, and top sealed. Available optional equipment includes a full range of items, such as coders, hole punchers, notchers, cap fitments, spout applicators, as well as various filling systems for powder, granules, liquids, and pasty products. Moreover, we are able to install multihead weighers. A variety of models are available in accordance with pouch dimensions, volumes, and capacities.

Dosing Station With Integrated Edge Tap

The current generation edge cap applicator incorporates state of the art technology whilst guaranteeing high efficiency and quality. The edge cap is sealed during the formation process prior to filling.

Pouch Inspection Station for Vision Cameras

At Mespack, we are following the lastest technology in different fields. Using an artificial intelligence system is one of our strengths. It is used to control que pouch quality and the verification of pouch formats.

Additional Station for Laser or Inkjet Encoders

We have a wide variety of coding systems, such as laser or inkjet encoders, allowing for the printing of product expiration dates, QR code, and barcodes, etc.

Packaging formats :

Main standard features –

– Additional station for laser or inkjet encoders
– Pouch inspection station for vision cameras 
– Mespack Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)
– ATEX compliance (optional)
– Laminar flow (optional) 
– Wash down (optional) 
– Easy to operate

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

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