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Mespack MS-Series Vertical Form-Fill Seal Machine

The most accurate stick pack machine with the best integrated technology on the market

This machine is widely used for food or diet products, home and personal care, confectionary, pharmaceutical, among many others. The MS can be equipped with multiple dosing system configurations as well as special motorized systems for easy cleaning. Furthermore, it offers options which can be installed in the machine upon request, including full-servo machines, ATEX compliance, laminar flow, a film sterilization systems, laser coders, scorers, among others. Our objective is to continue being a leading market supplier of outstanding machines that is used for a multitude of products that requiring high speed and reliable production. There is a wide variety of stick packs in your single-serve packaging. Stick packs are a succesful format for single-serving packaging. Numerous stick packs are available, depending on the demands of the customer: bottle shapped stock packs, stick packs with two or more products, and twin stick packs.

Printing / Coding Area

The printing or coding area of MS Series is integrated to the machine unwinder, so there is no additional protection needed. Moreover, the support for this area is independent to avoid any possible vibrations

Bottom Up Nozzle

Our special filling system is designed to avoid all types of product splash or foam on the horizontal seal. The simultaneous movement increases the sealing time of up to 40%.

Air Clean In Place

The air Clean In Place system (CIP) is a process to clean the filling circuit without disassembling the Auger filler system, reducing the time of product change, and ensuring optimal cleaning. This process consists of passing pressured air through the auger fillers and equipment parts in direct contact with the product.

Packaging format :

Main standard features

– Adjustable cutting blades (smooth or zig-zag).
– Automatic change over
– Drives located within the frame
– Free access to operating side of the machine
– Free Maintenance Access to the Interior of the Machine
– Full servo version available
– Independent film drive unit in unwinder
– Individual Exit Chute
– Integrated electrical cabinet (independent option available)
– Maximum reel width 1200mm.
– Mespack Athena enabled (HMI and IIoT)
– Monobloc tubular steel structure
– PLC controlled auto lubrication
– Recyclable ready films
– Servo Motorized drag unit

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

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