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Mespack HCM-Series Horizontal Form-Fill Seal Machine

The HCM is the fastest and most flexible horizontal packaging machine on the market

The fastest and most flexible horizontal packaging machine on the market. It combines a patented intermittent and continuous motion, capable of producing 150 pouches per minute. The HCM will allow you to present your product with the most innovative design. All models allow the installation of top and side cap applicators, zipper applicator, straw applicator, total inert gas chambers, as well as other customized accessories. The machine can also be supplied with any dosing system and accessory upon request.

Mespack Grippers Management System

The grippers width of all Mespack Grippers Management System (MGMS) is adjustable from the HMI. Auto-positioning of all the machine`s rear grippers allows for perfect clearance of the filling area, as well as adequately cleaned and sanitized.

Mespack HCM solutions increase liquid production speed by 30% as a result of its continuous filling system

Make your format change in just 20 minutes

Packaging formats :

Main standard features –

– 18.5” color touch screen 
– Independent unwind system with autosplice features (optional) 
– Automatic adjustment control of seal jaws position (optional)
– Automatic hole punch correction system for stand up pouches
– Servo driven change over system for plough formation
– Triple pouch opening system via vacuum, air jet & mechanical device
– Pouch reject station
– PLC automatic lubrication system
– Roller servo driven stroke indexing system
– Ultra-clean versions (optional)
– Laser coders and scorers (optional)
– ATEX compliance (optional)
– Film sterilization system (optional)
– Laminar flow (optional)
– MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
– Ultrasonic sealing (optional)

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

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