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Mespack IMP-Series Horizontal Form-Fill Seal Machine

The most flexible and reliable Roberts pre-made pouch solutions

Mespack IMP Series is a fill-seal solution for the pre-made pouch that works with intermittent motion. This equipment provides a wide variety of packaging options in one base machine. It delivers extreme flexibility to our customers by accommodating small to large packages, various package styles, automatic fill, manual fill, and a combination of packages for specific products.
These solutions are perfect options for companies that want to begin discovering the exciting and growing world of stand-up, reclosable package style.

Infeed Conveyor

Our infeed conveyor system include 3-phase motor for destacker and flapper wheels and 3 photoelectric sensors to ensure the position to tranfer into the machine.


The IMP Series run packages holding a few ounces to greater than 12 pounds. The impressive filling options include: multi- head weighing, augers, cup fillers and manual. Customers can also achieve a combination of automatic and manual filling.


The IMP Series is engineered to specific customer needs; accommodating unique package shapes / designs and multiple filing options. IMP Series Machines can adapt to as many additional filing stations as needed.

Packaging formats :

Main standard features –

– A mechanical system of opening the pouches that increases efficiencies
– A variety of control/servo combinations
– Pouch Opening System
– Servo motion for key operating areas
– Tool-free funnel and baffle changeover
– Travelling Funnel

* Some of the items listed are optionals 

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