Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines - Semi Automatic

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines - Semi Automatic

The Semi Automatic machines are basically Turntable model is our most popular general purpose stretch wrapper which is designed to wrap the majority of all pallet loads.

It's a perfect fit for the semi-automatic environment as it can be loaded with a pallet jack / trolley or forklift. The machines are available in pre-stretch and break stretch model.

  • High value performance
  • No preventive maintenance
  • Low profile ramp for easy loading with pallet-jack
  • Safe enclosed design.
  • No maintenance turntable support.
  • Counter-weighted belt-driven, roll carriage.
  • Easy of use.


Performance is our promise!"

The Q-300 just works. And works. Its unmatched combination of reliability, ease of use, safety and support delivers the lowest total cost of ownership of any semi-automatic stretch wrapper. With the experience gained from over 33,000 machines in the field, you can be sure that the Q-300 will do a great job for you!

The Q-300 delivers top performance. Its unique design gets the critical components of a stretch wrapper right.

Turntable System
A unique turntable system that supports heavy loads and continuously stands up to the shock of loading year after year.

Film Delivery System
A film delivery system that delivers consistent wrap force and maintains prestretch over the long haul.

Controls System
Anybody can run the Q-300. It's intuitive, easy, and safe. Everything is easily visible and the control panel is located on the same machine side as the film delivery system.


Our Machines Are Easy to Use

We understand some of the labor challenges facing shipping managers today. That's why we have spent a considerable amount of effort developing new technologies to make the job of stretchwrapping your loads easier and easier. We also know that there may be more than one person operating the stretch wrapper, so it is critical that your machines are easy to use.

Smaller Turntable vs. 65 inch Standard Turntable

We use a 65 inch diameter turntable as a standard so it’s easier to place your load on the turntable. We also offer 72 inch and 96 inch diameter turntables.

Top Latching Gate vs. E-Z Thread™ Gate

 With the EZ thread gate, no threading is required. Top latching gates may have a tendency for the door to unlatch during the wrap cycle.

Difficult To Adjust vs. Easy To Use Controls

Adjustments can be easily made to your wrap patterns from the control panel without using a computer.


Standard Specifications




Peak Production Speed

Up to 25-35 loads/hr


Load Size Diagonal

1830 mm (72")


Maximum Load Wrap Height

2030 mm (80")


Maximum Load Weight

1814 kg (4000 lbs)




Turntable Speed (Variable)

12 RPM


Turntable Size

1651 mm (65") diameter


Turntable Drive





XT Cut and Clamp

Not available


Auto Film Cut-off



Pallet Grip



Photo Eye



Standard Film Width

500 mm (20")


EZ Thread Film Delivery



Standard Pre-Stretch



Wrap Force

Variable (Electric)


Film Capacity

250 mm (10")
Roll Diameter


Film Delivery System

Power Roller-Stretch


EZ Weigh Integrated Scale





Approximate Shipping Weight

658 kg (1450 lb)



3023 mm L
1702 mm W
2337 mm H
(119" L x 67" W x 92" H)