Automatic packaging machine ­ fully electrical and servo­assisted – sealing bar 600×400 mm – max product h. 160


The new version of PRATIKA 56 MPE X1 is the product of careful attention to market requirements with the purpose of proposing a
technologically advanced and at the same time versatile and “user­ friendly” heat shrink packaging machine.
Enhanced with strong electronic, mechanical and technological contents, the new PRATIKA 56 MPE X1 heat shrink packaging machine,
suitable for operation on both sides thanks to its double hatch, represents a perfect synthesis of reliability, high performance,
versatility and safety, bringing a new standard to the way of conceiving automatic packaging machines with heat­shrink film.
“Made in Italy with an international heart”: each of the automatic minipack®­torre machines is manufactured in the company’s production
facilities, though they contain an international heart of electrical and electronic components from a multinational like Schneider Electric.


  • Automatic fully electrical angular sealer
  • Schneider Electric M241 PLC
  • 7 inch colour touch­screen control panel, with 120 customisable programs
  • Option of entering pictures of the products on the touch screen
  • 1 USB port
  • Simple, operator­friendly graphics
  • Motorised Sealing bar controlled by Schneider Electric brushless motor
  • Sealing bar opening which may be set on the touch­screen control panel
  • PTFE treated L­shaped sealing blade
  • Temperature adjustment of the sealing bar separate by length and width
  • Adjustment of the sealing time
  • Sealing force adjustment (min/medium/max).
  • Electrical height adjustment of the triangles from touch screen control panel
  • Belt speed (infeed/outfeed) adjusted by Schneider Electric inverter from 6 to 30 m/min.
  • Including belts complying with standards for the food industry (FDA)
  • Connectors for interfacing with supplementary unloading and loading belts
  • Motorised winder
  • Full waste winder warning electronic device
  • Piece counter (partial/life)
  • Option to package individual packages or sets of products.
  • Opening hatches fitted with safety microswitch
  • Control logic with operator safety
  • Remote support (optional)
  • Remote control (optional).
  • Visible and acoustic machine stop alarm signal.
  • Front and rear opening for easy access and servicing
  • Removable carriage to position reels on the back
  • Fitted with weights to adjust film tensioning
  • Horizontal and vertical photocell
  • Machine on wheels with preinstalled adjustable feet
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Compliance with EC regulations
  • Gallery

  • Electrical power supply
  • 230V 1Ph
  • MAX power installed
  • 2,5 kW
  • Maximum current
  • 11 A
  • Hourly output (based on the measurement of the product and the film used)
  • 0­-3600 p/h
  • Available dimensions of the sealing bars
  • 600x400 mm
  • MAX product size (the maximum measurements cannot be used at the same time)
  • 600x400x160 mm
  • MAX Reel Dimensions (Ø x length)
  • Ø300x700 mm
  • Work surface height
  • 870 mm (wheels) 830÷910 mm (feet)
  • Machine dimensions (guards open)
  • 2893x1720x1980 mm
  • Machine dimensions (guards closed)
  • 2518x1240x1558 mm
  • Machine weight (Net/Gross)
  • 573/714 kg

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  • Simple and functional design
  • Front and rear opening for easy access
  • Schneider Electric PLC and Touch Screen
  • Simple, operator­friendly graphics
  • Option of entering pictures of the products on the touch screen
  • USB port to save recipes and updates
  • Servo assisted sealing bar
  • Motorised film opening triangles
  • Enlarged infeed belt to facilitate standard loading operations

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