Protective Packaging Machines

Protective Packaging Machines

Protective Packaging

Sealed Air's wide range of protective packaging materials and systems address the requirements of a multitude of industries. Whether your need is surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing, or void fill packaging, we can provide the following:

  • The right packaging materials for your operation
  • Ideal packaging systems and recommendations on integration with other packing and material handling equipment
  • An analysis of the cost savings and intangible benefits
  • The best training and service support in the industry

Instapak® Foam-in-Bag Packaging

Foam-in-Bag Process

Foam-in-Bag: Foam-filled bags can be created in a variety of sizes to be used for void fill, cushioning, blocking and bracing and molded cushions.

With the touch of a button, the operator selects the proper bag length and amount of Instapak® foam.

The operator places the foam-filled bag into the carton and nestles the products onto the expanding cushion.

A second foam-filled bag is placed on top of the product, and the carton flaps are closed.

In less than a minute, a cost-effective engineered packaging cushion is ready to protect your product during shipping and handling.


Foam-in-Bag Molding: Custom-designed cushions that provide optimum protection are produced quickly and easily using any one of our Instapak® foam-in-bag molding systems.

With the touch of a button, the system quickly dispenses an Instapak® foam-filled bag.

When placed into the mold enclosure, an on-board vacuum draws the foam-filled bag into the cavity.

Aided by a built-in injection system, the operator removes the finished cushion from the mold cavity where it has been allowed to fully expand.

In less than a minute, a cost-effective engineered packaging cushion is ready to protect your product during shipping and handling.


Foam-in-Bag System

SpeedyPacker Insight® System: Foam-in-Bag Packaging at the Touch of a Button

The flexibility of your operation is enhanced by the SpeedyPacker Insight® system. Versatile and efficient, you can dedicate a system to one packaging line or serve multiple packaging lines with one system. Combine the SpeedyPacker Insight® system with one of the unique formulations of Instapak® foam and you can produce the perfect void fill, molded, or top and bottom foam-in-bag cushions.

The new graphical display lets the operator select optimum bag size and foam combinations to provide fast, secure protection for a wide variety of items. Label and preset up to 156 cushion combinations, including Continuous Foam Tubes (CFT's). With a simple touch of a button, the SpeedyPacker Insight® system can produce up to 21 Instapak® foam-filled cushions per minute, increasing the productivity of your operation.

The SpeedyPacker Insight® system delivers cost effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage-free package.

Instapacker® Tabletop System: Superior Protection from a Cost-Effective, Simple and Compact System.

This affordable foam-in-bag packaging system combines the proven reliability of our 900 Series metering systems with the convenience and cost effectiveness of the foam-in-bag process. The easy to use Instapacker® Tabletop system has an incredibly small footprint but can make a big impact on your shipping operations. Capable of producing up to 16 Instapak® foam-filled bags per minute, this versatile system can support the packaging needs of shipping rooms, multiple pack station operations and even the production floor.