The QL400XT stretch wrappers has all the benefits of QL400 with addition of automatic Cut & Clamp of stretch film for easer & faster wrapping. QL series is Lantech’s most Popular Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Enhanced with Load Guardian technology. The QL produces safe-to-ship loads quickly and easily for any load configuration.

Load Guardian is Lantech’s patented control system that creates, maintains and delivers the right amount of containment force for safe-to-ship loads every time. Load Guardian minimizes operator interactions and eliminates the guess work for stretch wrapping any load configuration and ensures every load is wrapped correctly

LANTECH Advantages

·      Click-n-Go Remote™

–          The Click-n-Go™ remote control enables forklift drivers to simply place a pallet load on the stretch wrapper, back away a few feet and start the machine.

–          Click-n-Go remote meets the latest safety requirements outlined by the National Electrical Code. Using infrared technology and two-step activation process, the Click-n-Go is immune to accidental activation from stray radio frequency.

  • XT Cut and Clamp® – Keep your driver on the forklift with the XT Cut and Clamp®
  • Save 2 minutes of labor per load by starting your stretch wrapper from a forklift.
  • The XT Cut and Clamp® cuts the film at the end of the wrap cycle. The XT then holds the film and attaches it to the next load. When using the XT, your drivers can stay on their forklift as the load is wrapped, giving them the opportunity to do something more productive and return to a load that is ready to be picked up.
  • Pallet Grip® – Keep loads from sliding off their pallet with a film cable!
  • Sudden stops, starts or constant vibrations can cause loads to slide off their pallets unless you do something about it. Lock your load to the pallet with Pallet Grip®.
  • Rolls the bottom film web into a tight cable
  • Drives the cable down just below the top boards of a pallet.
  • Avoids punctures to film caused by forks.

·      Load Guardian creates and saves profiles

  • Intuitively guides users through the profile creation process, using recognizable icons and smartphone-like simplicity, to calculate the right containment force.
  • Eliminates the consequences that can occur when an operator has to make 12 or more decisions to stretch wrap a load.

·      Load Guardian maintains profile standards automatically.

  • Eliminates or minimizes routine operator touches and tweaks with single tap profile selection.
  • Eliminates the consequences that can occur when an operator has to make 12 or more decisions to stretch wrap a load.

·      Load Guardian delivers the right amount of containment force.

  • Provides a knowable, repeatable cost per load.
  • Eliminates the consequences that can occur when an operator has to make 12 or more decisions to stretch wrap a load.

·      Easy to Operate

  • Single purpose knobs and buttons
  • Permanently attached reference guide keeps instructions near the operator
  • Controls and film delivery system are within easy reach of the operator

·      Auto Film Cut-Off™ saves an average of 30 seconds of labor per load and improves safety

·      Easy to Care For

–          Turntable and film delivery system are belt driven; no routine maintenance

–          Turntable support bearings are lubricated for the life of machine

–          Urethane-filled race for turntable bearings reducing friction and wear

·      Wraps Tighter with Less Film

  • Wide range of wrap force available
  • Fights film breaks and minimizes film consumption
  • Non-slip coating on pre-stretch rollers helps film stretch properly

·      Safe Operation

  • Large clearance between the mast and turntable
  • Counterweighted film delivery system
  • Stretch wrapper stops automatically if film breaks

·         Fast and Easy Film Changes

  • EZ Thread™ system ensures film is loaded correctly

·         Reliable Load Height Sensing

  • Exclusive Intelli-Sensor sees a wide variety of colors and surface variations
  • A simple adjustment precisely sets the film overwrap at the top of the pallet load
  • Technical Specifications

  • QL400XT
  • Performance
  • Peak Production Speed
  • Up to 30-40 Loads/Hr
  • Load Size Diagonal (Recommended)
  • 1753 mm (69")
  • Maximum Load Wrap Height
  • 2032 mm (80")
  • Maximum Load Weight
  • 2267 kg
  • Load Handling
  • Turntable Speed (Variable)
  • 12 RPM
  • Turntable Size
  • 1651 mm (65") Diameter
  • Turntable Drive
  • 1 HP TEFC
  • Perfomance Features
  • XT Cut and Clamp 5.0®
  • Standard
  • Auto Film Cut-Off™
  • Not Applicable
  • Pallet Grip®
  • Standard
  • Load Guardian
  • Standard
  • Load Height Sensor
  • Laser
  • Standard Film Width
  • 500 mm (20")
  • EZ Thread Film Delivery
  • Standard
  • Standard Pre-Stretch
  • 250%
  • Wrap Force
  • Variable (Electric)
  • Film Capacity
  • 250 mm (10") Roll Diameter
  • Film Delivery System
  • Power Roller-Stretch Plus
  • EZ Weigh Integrated Scale
  • Optional
  • Weight and Size
  • Approx. Shipping Weight
  • 762 kg
  • Size
  • 3023 mm L 1702 mm W 2337 mm H
  • Power Supply
  • 220V-16Amp-50Hz


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