QUICKVAC 2000-322

QUICKVAC 2000-322

Thermoforming Machines

The thermoforming machines can work in combination with an automatic slicer and a transfer conveyor to complete a fully automatic slicing and packing line. The QUICKVAC 2000-322 is also available in a longer version (longer loading zone). If hard film is used a punch is available as an option.

Technical Details

Pump Bush (cbm/h): 63
Standard machine shortness (at 322 mm): 2950 mm
with longer loading station about 480 mm (at 422 mm): 3430 mm
Punch for hard foil: 4000 mm
Punch and longer loading station: 4500 mm
Machine width: 770 mm
Machine height: +– 50 mm 1750 mm
Loading height: +– 50 mm 950 mm
Top film width:  
Vacuum: 295 mm
Vacuum + Gas flush: 315 mm
Bottom film width: 322 mm
Film core: 3", 76 mm
Maximum roll diameter for bottom film: 400 mm
Maximum roll diameter for top film: 400 mm
Standard index: 200 mm
Maximum index: 300 mm
Max. thermoforming depth: Standard: 50 mm /
Option: 120 mm
Standard package dimension internal 270 x 180 x 50 mm
external 290 x 200 x 50 mm
Maximum package dimension internal 270 x 280 x 120 mm
external 290 x 300 x 120 mm
Cycle speed: according to product: up to 10 cycles/minute
Compressed air consuption according to format and depth: starting at 325 l/min with min. 6 bar
Compressed air connection: 1/4"
Power supply: 400 V/3 Ph + N + PE/50 Hz
Power consumption: starting at 6 kW
Power (kW): 6 (6,8/7,5)
Cooling water consumption: 30 l/hours
Water connections in: 1/4"
Water connections out: 1/4"
Weight with tools: from ca, 1000 kg

The main advantages in a quick glance

  • Made in Germany
  • Easy format change
  • Uncomplicated cleaning process due to flat surface
  • Easy and safe machine cleaning through a cleaning position key
  • All movable parts maintenance free
  • With vario-tool, an easy insert system for different product possibilities
  • Solid Stainless Steel frame construction
  • Fast film change
  • High performance 63 cbm/h vacuum pump
  • Thermoforming tools are cooled through water
  • Bottom film thermoformed through compressed air
  • Total flat sealing with skin sealing plate
  • Cross cutting with guillotine, pneumatic system
  • Longitudinal cutting with rotating round knife
  • Trim removal suction system with strips container
  • Discharge slide
  • Sealing with compressed air
  • Siemens SPS programmable control system with touchscreen
  • Film movement controlled through POSI-Stop, which allows exact index positioning
  • Certified and approved machine according to CE, EMV and GS safety standards that are in line with the CE and European Hygiene and safety guidelines
  • Switch cabinet built according to guidelines
  • Pneumatic system for oil free operation
  • 2 separated heating systems for thermoforming and sealing, that can be individually set and programmed through the SPS control system
  • Solid transport chain with a reinforced 5/8" configuration for all film types
  • Big value and pipe diameter for high cycle speed
  • Energy savings through vacuum pump with stand-by function
  • Parts from worldwide known manufacturers


  • Special features of the proven QuickVac 2000 are its compactness therefore space saving construction, its high cycle speed and its low price
  • A powerful thermoforming vacuum packaging machine for medium size companies
  • QuickVac 2000 guarantees up to 5 times the efficiency and speed of a normal chamber machine. It is ready to start at the first shot. Just connect it and it is ready to work!


  • Water re-circulation cooling system
  • Discharge Conveyor belt 800 mm or 1200 mm
  • Sealing plate for contour sealing
  • Gas injection system for MAP packaging incl. special pressure control system for faster and uniform gas injection for width.
  • High preformance 100 cbm/h, 160 cbm/h vacuum pump
  • Flexoprint coder with stamping system, Thermo transfer- or Top film labeller can be installed on the machine
  • Photocell for printed top film with film brake
  • Vario insert with 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, 4.2, 5.2 formats
  • Special insert according to the forming station
  • Index up to 300 mm
  • External vacuum pump
  • Bottom film holder vertical (machine will be longer by 1 m)
  • Trim removal system with rolls
  • Extension of the loading station by 480 mm, 990 mm or by 1.470 mm
  • Punch for hard film, with a special forming insert up to 35 mm deep.
  • Thermoforming up to 100 mm or 120 mm
  • Vacuum with control sensor
  • Control board in a swing arm
  • Thermotransfer- or top web printer
  • Film width 422 mm
  • Film feeding device with rocker arm
  • Film end control
  • Cross cutting with incident support
  • Longitudinal cutting with squeezing knife