Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches

Vacuum Pouches offer extensive range of high barrier PA/EVOH-based 9, 7, 5 layer co-extruded barrier vacuum packing, gas flush and MAP Pouches. These pouches are available in various sizes, have great strength and high clarify, and provide additional protection against oxygen & moisture. Available in various barrier levels (high, medium and low).

  • The vacuum pack gives extended shelf life
  • Protective gas keeps the product fresh without preservatives
  • Excellent machine handling such that vacuum pouches do not curl
  • Has extremely high gas and moisture barrier properties
  • Possesses very good hot tack, seal properties & transparency
  • Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness, great cost efficiency
  • Very good resistance to puncture and tearing
  • Over packing to protect against handling for hygiene during transport and presentation


Hard cheese, Dairy, Meat fish, marine, Frozen foods & vegetables (Potato, Peas, Seasonings), Produce, Dried fruits, Nuts (Cashew, Walnut, Peanuts, Almond, Dates) Tea, coffee, Grain, Flour, Spices, Pulses (Rice, Sesame Seeds, Soybeans, Dried snacks, Ready to cook meals, Confectionary & much more.


Currency, Metal components (ball bearing, Automative parts), Welding rods, Animal food, Medical device, Pharmaceutical, Electronic components, Compound, Special powder, Old and useful documents packing for long storage, hygroscopic chemical packing & much more.


  • Material : PA/PA/PE, PA/PA/EVOH/PA, PE/PA/PE based film
  • Thickness : 40 - 250
  • Printing : Upto 9 colour


The purpose of vacuuming is to preserve the good quality of the products as long as possible and to ensure that the taste, flavour, colour, aroma, nutrition value are not lost

Vacuum packing is packing a product in a bag or piece of film with a low oxygen density, from which all the air is removed and closed off through a seal.

The need for Vacuum Pouches to get an extended shelf life of food products without adversely affecting their quality, one of the most effective and popular ways is vacuum packing. It is an effective way to prevent spoilage of food.

These pouches reduce the effect of atmosphere in a package to protect and preserve the freshness of food products, such as tea, dried foods, meat, seafood, produce and cheese. In addition to food products, vacuum pouches also prove to be very useful when it comes to packing of other non-food produces like medical devices, metal components, chemical products etc. to prevent oxidation. Not just that, even technical parts of computers, clothes and money can be vacuum packed.

It is essential to ensure that least amount of air enters the packages while vacuum packing because that will directly influence the tenability and quality of the vacuum packed products. Hence, oxygen transmission rate is very necessary, and our Vacuum packs prove to be the best in this aspect. Nylon/evoh based film is the best solution for a vacuum pack pouch.

Food products very extensively and the point of packing processed and unprocessed food products stays in selection of modified temperature. Since, every type of food products can be maintained with good shelf life depending on the type of packaging material used. Vacuum pouches featured with high barrier properties fulfills temperature modification requirement to stay adopted for wrapping variety of food products.