Vertical Form Fill Seal

Vertical Form Fill Seal

General Information

A vertical Form Fill and seal machine for producing central sealed sachets handling all types of free flowing / non-free flowing owders / granules.

Model MB 25 & MB 250 handle single reel film stock, having 76 mm core diameter. Max. Reel width is 330 mm for MB 25 and 530 mm for MB 250. Draw down of the film is through draw down belts, driven by Servo Motor drive. The length of the bag is controlled by Print registration system, which is PLC controlled. For unprinted film, the bag length can be adjusted from the single touch key pad provided on the front panel.

Product Range

Rice, Pulses, Tea, Coffee beans, Candies / Toffees, Tablets, Cashews, Potato / Banana wafers, Snack foods, Fresh & frozen foods, Dried fruits, Pasta pieces, Detergents, Hardware items, Spices, Soup mixes, Sugar, etc.

Filling Range

For MB-25 : 10 grams to 500 grams,
For MB-250 : 10 grams to 3000 grams


Upto - 50 Packs / minute, Dependent on product type and flow properties.

Pack Size For MB 25 For MB 250
Width in mm 40 to 175 50 to 250
Length in mm 70 to 250 70 to 500

Filling System

    • Completely micro-processor controlled for easy set-up and operation
    • Stepper motor drives for all actuators & no Pneumatics is needed
    • Superior accuracy with high speed operation
    • User friendly colour touch screen controls
    • Self-diagnostic
    • Quick access to all parts for cleaning and maintenance. No tools required
    • Statistical data available on screen or via optional printer output
    • Stainless steel contact parts throughout. IP 65 rated
    • Machine setting can be simply programmed and stored in the machine memory to allow for different product weights, as well as products with different feeding characteristics.
    • Weighing accuracy 0.4 to 1.0 gram
    • Product codes up to 99The MB - 250 machine can be fitted with any one of the following fillers.

Stepper motor drives control both the intermediate and weighing buckets, which can be custom-set for the desired speed and product volume. 12 Head Combination weigher can be given as an option.

Packaging Materials

The machine will accept most types of laminated films up to maximum of 500 gauges (125 micron). It is important that the sealing medium incorporates the best possible slip characteristics. Pure unsupported polythene film may be used with special impulse sealing equipment.


Power Input for Bagging machine 3 phase 415 V AC, 50 Hz, 3.4 KW
Power Input for Multi-head weigher 220 + 5 V AC, 50 Hz, 1.5 KVA
Compressed Air Pressure 6.0 kg/cm2 g
Dimensions & Weight For MB 25 For MB 50
Floor area with weigher stand in mm 2400X2400 2400X2400
Height with 10 / 12 Head Weigher in mm 2800 3200
Nett weight in kgs 1000 1200

Optional Extras

Take-off Conveyors, In-Feed Product Elevator system, Batching device, Tear-cut devise, Perforator between sachets, Coding, Over-printing attachment, Gas flushing system, Servo Stabilizer.