Wrap Around-Self Adhesive

Wrap Around-Self Adhesive


Low cost labelling line for cylindrical products for wraparound or semi-wraparound labelling , comprising conveyor belt with FIXED speed of 20 m/min and motor block with monoblock.  The COMPACT line is available only with 1 labelling head with maximum label width of 100-140-190 mm. Ideal system for application only on cylindrical products.

Specifications :

Construction material - Steel & anodised Aluminium
FIXED speed of 20 m / min - Fixed speed side rotator included, height 55 or 110 mm, length 350 mm
Electronic control and unit for managing labelling head parameter
Support column for labelling head with vertical adjustment and tilt
Motor Type - step / step
Power Supply  - 220 or 110V  50/60 Hz
Standard Conveyor belt width- 170 mm - Standard Conveyor belt length. 

Four Key Points for Perfect Labeling

  • Self Set ™ - No operator adjustment is required for the product sensor or label sensor.
  • Self Set ™ synchronizes speed for all moving parts.
  • Automatic Adjustment of Label sensor prevents wrinkles and mis-feeds.
  • Labelers provide superior label placement accuracy.

Wrap Around Labeler

Bottle diameter Label Length Max bottles
per Minute
Bottles per Minute
(with C60 Hot Stamp)
7/8” 1 5/8 " 260 240
1 5/8 4 3/4 190 160
23/4  8 15/32 130  120    


The product speed listed above is the maximum speed (reference). Actual labeling speed will be determined when we factory-test your products. The average speed of most products can reach 80% - 90% of speed in the chart.


  • Standard Product Separator Wheel is recommended for normal product shapes and speeds.
  • Product Separator Screw (optional) is recommended when
  • Labeling speeds surpasses 80 BPM    
  • Applied to small bottle
  • Machines dedicated to label on product only
  •  Rotary table for easy loading of containers(optional)