X-Ray Machine

Detecting Instructions:

1.Detecting Method: X-ray will irradiate the product to be detected and get the transmission image , then by using the image processing technology to judge whether there are foreign bodies in the image.


2.Detecting Range: don’t confine to the product type, package, packing material. It can inspect the plastic package, aluminum package, glass can, metallic can, bulk material etc.


3.Foreign Bodies’ Range: high density materials including metal and non-metal (stainless steel, ferrous, ceramic, stone, bone, hard plastic, hard ceramic, etc). The exact information can be given based on the products to be detected.


1.Full-range Inspection: a full-range inspection of foreign bodies including metal, non-metal; Don’t confine to product attributes, it can detect metallic package, non-metal package, can, etc.


2.High Sensitivity: it can reach the sensitivity as follows:SUS304 ball 0.3*0.3*0.3mm

 SUS wire0.2*2mm   Glass Ball1.0 mm   Ceramic 1.0 mm


3.Easy to Operation: full-color TFT 15" Touch Screen, making it easier to human-machine interaction; Auto-learning function, dispense with manual setting, making it easier to operate. Auto-saving the product image, making it easier to analysis and keep track of the image later.


4.Auto-shielding Function: according to the detecting requirement, it can shield the low sensitivity area and improve the sensitivity as a whole. For example, it can shield the aluminum parts of the ham and detect the rest part. At this time, the aluminum parts won’t be regard as foreign bodies and the sensitivity will be high.


5.High Adaption: it is equipped with industrial control air-conditioner, uninfluenced by the external environment and humidity.


6.Safety Protection: X-ray leakage is less than 1microsievert per hour, well meet the America’s FDA standard, European’s CE standard. More, both the software and hardware are equipped with complete safety protection, which can constantly inspect the machine state and avoid the leakage caused by false operation. For example, if the operator opens the door of machine, the X-ray irradiation is stopped immediately.